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Quality bookmark printing services delivered to Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond!


Despite the Kindle, Sony’s e-Reader and the iPad changing the way we access the written word, there’s still a lot of people who read it the old-fashioned way, in a book.  This means that bookmarks are used by people of every demographic, from the young to expectant mothers to parishioners and the young at heart.  Luckily it’s easy to create the perfect bookmark for your target market with our Luxury Uncoated stock, UV cured inks and fast turnaround time!


Our bookmark printing options:


  • 310gsm Artboard

Keep your company in front of your customers, even when they're snuggled up in bed with their favourite read.  Perfect for gifts or to sell, people will hang onto them long after you hand them out.  Our Economy stock is high quality at affordable prices.


  • 310gsm Artboard Gloss One Side

As a free giveaway gift, bookmarks get treated pretty badly.  Help your bookmark survive against crushed school bags and squeezed bookcases by choosing our Economy Class 310 stock with a gloss celloglaze for durability.  Printed in full colour, they look great, are functional and last longer so your message sticks around.


  • 310gsm Artboard Gloss Two Sides

Do you need lots of bookmarks that look fantastic but have a fantastically small price tag to match? Then these double-sided gloss bookmarks on our 310gsm stock are perfect for you! Choose from full colour one or both sides, plus an optional Spot Silver finish for added shine.



  • 310 Artboard Matt One Side

We pride ourselves on high quality printed products with a fast turnaround time and excellent customer service. Should you order these bookmarks on the 310gsm stock with a single-sided matt stock, you won t be disappointed.


  • 310 Artboard Matt Two Sides

The process used to produce these bookmarks on our Economy Class 310 stock is environmentally friendly.  A waterless press uses UV-cured inks to print gorgeous full colour on paper that is sourced from sustainable forestry and covered by an environmental management system (EMS).  So not only do these bookmarks look and feel great, but they’re green as well.


  • 420gsm

Despite the Kindle, Sony’s e-Reader and the iPad changing the way we access the written word, there’s still a lot of people who read it the old-fashioned way, in a book.


  • 420gsm Artboard Gloss One Side

Our gloss celloglaze beautifully brings out photographic images on bookmarks and it is for this reason some companies create collectible series of bookmarks.  They could represent different elements of your business coming together to form one big picture or a stunning landscape image.


  • 420gsm Artboard Gloss Two Sides

If you want your brilliant imagery to stand out on your bookmarks, then look no further than this double-sided gloss finish on our 420gsm stock. Your photography will look stunning, with the only downfall being that it may distract the user from their book


  • 420gsm Artboard Matt One Side

Single-sided matt finish. 420gsm stock. What more really needs to be said about this option? Just that it will be printed with UV-cured inks on a waterless press, meaning it s even friendly to the environment.


  • 420gsm Artboard Matt Two Sides

Bookmarks offer excellent value for money due to their longer lifespan than other giveaways like flyers.  Of course you aren’t limited to only giving away bookmarks.  You can also sell them and make some money!  Our Luxury Silk Matt stock offers a smooth surface upon which your marketing message and contact details are printed in gorgeous full colour.


  • Plastic Poly White 0.6mm

Use our 100% recyclable polypropylene stock to create a bookmark the recipients will keep forever!  No accidental losing of their page or your marketing message.  Print your logo and contact details in fantastic full colour one or both sides.


  • 350 Artboard Cast Coated

Some libraries, particularly those catering for children, give a bookmark with the return date stamped on it with every borrowed book. If your customer is a library, this is the stock to be used, as it can be utilised in this very way.


  • 305 System Board

All parents know that with kids, whether it's clothing, toys or bookmarks, there's a good chance that it will either be outgrown or worn out quickly. For this reason, sometimes it's best to save your cash and buy something with a small price tag. That could be the reason $2 shops are so successful! If your target market for bookmarks is children, this stock is the best choice.


We deliver nationwide to capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, and all surrounding regions. If you're looking for the best quality printing in Australia, request a quote from the experts at Betterprint n' Paper.

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