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High quality envelope printing services in Melbourne, Sydney, and across Australia.

Choose from different product solutions available for functional and everyday use or special occasions. Colours can be soft and elegant or adjusted for vibrancy and clarity.


We are a manufacturer and printer of Envelopes, we offer the highest quality and cost effective speciality envelopes, servicing:


  • Retailing Markets
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Mailing Houses
  • Small Business
  • Stationers
  • Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Paper merchants
  • Greeting Card Companies.


We pride ourselves in our ability to produce specialty envelopes and providing solutions to tight budgets and deadlines.


We are committed to providing excellent service, quick deliveries, competitive pricing, quality product and prompt customer service.


Please feel free to contact us for any further information, advice or quotes.


We have DL, DLX, C5, C4 and B4 envelopes for all purpose and use, our standard envelopes are:


  • DL Plain face peel & seal
  • DL Standard Window face secretive peel & seal
  • DLX Plain face peel & seal
  • DLX Standard Window face lick & stick
  • DLX Barcode window face secretive peel & seal
  • C5 Plain face peel & seal
  • C5 Plain face booklet mailer lick & stick
  • C4 Kraft pocket peel & seal
  • C4 Cartridge pocket peel & seal
  • C4 Barcode window face secretive booklet mailer peel & seal
  • B4 Envelope Cartridge plain face pocket peel & seal


Standard Envelope Sizes

  • 11B          90 x 145mm
  • 12 3/4     92  x 145mm
  • DL            110 x 220mm
  • DLE          115 x 225mm
  • C6            114 x 162mm
  • DLX          120 x 235mm
  • C5            162 x 230mm
  • C4            229 x 324mm

These standard envelopes are available window face or closed face.

Window face envelopes have a secretive pattern printed on the inside.


Standard envelopes can be Lick and Stick, Press Seal, or Peel and Seal and are of 80gsm whitepaper.

C4 envelopes are also available in 100gsm white paper.



Banker shape envelopes are always lick and stick.

Wallet shape envelopes can be lick and stick, press seal or peel and seal.

Pocket shape enevelopes can be lick and stick or peel and seal.


Window Positions and Sizes


92  x 164mm, DL, DLE, 120 x 235mm.

Panel size:          38 x 95mm.

Position:             32mm from the left hand edge.

                            16mm from the bottom edge.


C5 162 x 230mm.

Panel size:          38x95mm.

Position:             22mm from the left hand edge.

                          16mm from the bottom edge.


C4 229 x 324mm.

Panel size:           38x 95mm.

Position:              69mm from the left hand edge.

                           26mm from the bottom edge.


Non-standard envelopes, window sizes, and positions can be made to order.


Special Make Envelopes

Envelopes can be manufactured to order. Some of the envelope dies and formes that we have available are listed in Appendix A.


If you require a size not listed, a new die can be manufactured. This will take cost approximately $1,400 to $2000 depending on the size and will take about eight working days to make.


Forme cutting may be a more economical option for smaller quantities (say 20,000 or less). A forme can be made from about $200.


Windows can be placed in the front of any envelope or the back of a wallet shape envelope and can be any shape or size.


Face:   Window can be anywhere on the face as long as it is 10mm clear of each edge.

Back:   Wallet shape envelopes only, Must be 10mm clear of the side seams and the tip flap.

If you are not sure please ask. We would be happy to make you a mock-up of your special window size, shape and/or position.


We advise you to check the Austraila Post regulations if you have a non-standard envelope or window size/position. It could cost you extra postage.


Hand-making: for quantities less than 20,000 usually. This method can be costly and is time consuming. Only small quanitities can be produced per day.

Customised secretive patterns can be printed on the inside of envelopes using either of the following methods:


Flexographic:  Printed using envelope making machine during manufacture. Printed in a single colour only, this is inexpensive and very effective: most secretive patterns are printed in this way.

Printed Flat Sheets:   Prior to manufacture, paper can be printed with the secretive patter then die cut and evevelopes manufatured in the normal way. This more expensive method would be an option where more than one colour and/or screens and fine line work is involved.


Printing Envelopes


Printed on the machine during manufacture. Up to two colours can be printed on the ouside, (front or back) and one color on the inside. (secretive pattern). This process uses rubber or cyrel plates and is not suitable to print large solid areas, fine lines or screens. This method is mainly used for large runs where no logo is involved. This is the most economical way to print simple text on an envelope.


Over-print - offset:

Standard stock envelopes can be overprinted 1-4 colours. We have a Halm high speed two color overprinting machine, which can print 2 colours on 2 sides in one pass. Print can bleed to the edge if you are only printing two colours: printing large solid areas is not reccomended.


We also have a Halm high speed four color over-printing machine. When printing a duo tone or more than 2 colours we would use a four color over-printing machine which requires a 10mm grip at the top of the envelope and does not allow for any bleed. With the four colour machine we have a UV facility which allows us to print larger areas and dry the ink at the same time to avoid set-off and smudging.


On the four color presses the minimum envelope size is 90x130mm.

The maximum envelope size is C4 324x229mm.


Flat sheets - offset:

When printing envelopes on flat sheets prior to manufacture there are very few restrictions. You can print 1 to 4, or more colors for the highest quality result. There are just a few points to remember.


Where you have an image over a folded edge of the envelope you must allow 3mm bleed to cover any vaiation in die cutting and folding.


Where you are printing on coated stock, a varnish is recommended to prevent smudging and scuffing.


Glued areas are to remain ink free. We can provide a template shape to show you these areas (You will never see these unprinted areas as they are inside the envelope).




Most papers less than 150gsm are suitable for envelope manufacture, but some run though our machines better than others. Some tracing papers and heavy coated stocks are not suitable.


If you are not sure please give us a call, We are happy to test any paper for you.

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