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Business Web Hosting

Host your business web site from our new DELL cloud hardware, enhanced with Intel Enterprise SSD storage, that is securely housed in NextDC UTI Tier III data centres and connected to our fully redundant 10Gbit core network.


Our all-inclusive business web hosting service offers superior uptime and performance, premium features at no extra cost, and are hosted here in Melbourne & Sydney Australia.


Domain Name Registration

Search and register your new domain name in seconds with Betterprint n' Paper domain name registrar.

When finding the perfect domain name for you or your business, we recommend that you register all of the most common domain name extensions with the same name. By doing this you are protecting your brand online by preventing others from using the same name.


For example, if you're planning on using a .com.au domain name you should consider registering the .net.au, .com and .net versions at the very least.


You should also consider registering any potential mispellings of your domain name to ensure you capture any vistors who may have typed in your domain name incorrectly.





WEB Hosting and Domain Name Registration

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